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Acoustic Blues Events in Seattle Sept 22, 27, 28, 29 Oct 11


First, an "Acoustic Blues Summit" at the Royal Room on September 22, 7:30, with some familiar names/faces for people who've attended the Port Townsend workshop:

Second, Jim Kweskin and Meredith Axelrod doing a late afternoon show on Sept 28 -- 5 pm -- also at the Royal Room

Third, the next day, Sept 29, Jim and Meredith move from Seattle south to Seattle north for a 7 pm show at the Phinney Center:

And a reminder that Del Rey will be doing a show at Couth-Buzzard Books in the Greenwood District starting at 7:30 on October 11, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society.

One more: Orville Johnson will be sitting in with an acoustic jump blues band called the Jump Monkeys at Couth-Buzzard, September 27, 7:30. Two band members are recent Port Townsend Workshop participants.

Wow, fat city for acoustic blues in the Seattle area for the next week or two! Support these musicians if you can.



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