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Operator Blues - Andrew and Jim Baxter


Heya Weenies. First time posting here at the back porch.  My name is Cub and I am from Connecticut.  I play with a fiddler (Katie Maginel) and we call ourselves the Skipping Stones.  Here is us playing Andrew and Jim Baxter's "Operator Blues"  If ya like it, we have more videos on our facebook,

Parlor Picker:
Very nice. Katie has that old-time fiddle sound nailed. Also I like the way the fiddle "sings" with you Cub.

Hey Cub. Pete here, met you up and Katie up in VT at Mary's place. Lots of fun playing with you guys, hope we get more tunes in soon. Sounding good on this one!

yo!! whaddup Pete! yea, that was great. me n KT took a few days to come down from our music high after those jams. we got the invite for 22nd jam.  dunno if we can make it. u goin to black creek? harry smith?

Thank you Parlor Picker. that old time blues does fit her like a glove!

I should be at the next party up at Mary's. I pretty much always make it to Harry Smith, and I've been at Black Creek the last few years too.


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