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Mike Shipman:
Hi Richard,
I'm intending
to attend
the 2018 weekend
but I don't comprehend
the trend
for the spend
on the dividend
at this early point in time....(oh bugger, couldn't think of another rhyme).

Payment at time of confirming the booking is fine by me.
Sorry for my tardiness in late response, I do not look at the weenies world wide interweb page frequently enough!

Cheers, Mike

ps - I'm now retired!

Sorry for lack of response Richard, I will of course try and make an appearance next year, and happy to loan the hotel some money, my rates are very reasonable  :D

Excellent men, after various emails and missed calls with the Webb I had reached saturation point and was beginning to think what's the bloody point anyway! 

I couldn't give a stuff how I pay for it, it does seem the easiest thing would be to pay when you book.. although I'm not sure if that is acceptable by the Webb...!


Parlor Picker:
As far as I know, past history should indicate they have nothing to worry about. To the best of my knowledge, we've not had people booking and then not showing up - nor turning up, staying and not paying.

And as per usual, kudos and thanks to Richard for his tireless efforts in this respect.

Prof Scratchy:
Ditto. Mind you, they've probably got wind of the fact that Yorkshire fowk are amongst the guests..?

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