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Parlor Picker:
Photos of event now posted. It's a laborious process, making 'em all smaller, etc, but I got there in the end. Most taken without flash in the fairly dark room (sorry the "Library" - there were a few books on one shelf), so some have taken on the atmosphere of a Dutch master...

Mike Shipman:
Some good pics there PP (Parlor Polaroid... see what I did there!?, yeah?), I took some too with my phone so that your attendance would not go un documented but the indoor ones are a bit indistinct and they all need to be resized to be acceptable for uploading, not an inconsequential task for this Luddite! I will give it a go when I get some time and energy.
Best go off to stroke the herd of banjoes, they are still unhappy that one of them didnt get to Webbington.

bob long:
Fun weekend....good music, good company and thanks, PP for the photos!

Good pics Michael!  here is a link in case some newbie is wondering what you are talking about.;cat=49


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