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Piedmont House Party Music Workshop with Wiggins, Ellis and Franklin

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Mary at Centrum:
Hello Weenie Campbell friends - I hope this finds you well enjoying these last days of summer.

I am writing to make sure you know about a small intensive we've put together here at Centrum. We are calling it Piedmont House Party, a Music Workshop. Our beloved Phil Wiggins, along with Eleanor Ellis and Rick Franklin (aka Tidewater Trio) will bring their Piedmont house party music to Centrum at Fort Worden in Port Townsend this fall for a five day intensive workshop on house party music. We will BBQ some foods and spend some time learning the history of the house party as well as how to make the music that rocks the house. Here is a link to the website
We sure would love to have some of you join us.

Yours in music, Mary

Great concept Mary! I predict this will be very popular.

Mary at Centrum:
it will be a ton of fun as well as some deep learning

Hi all,
Some of you might not know that Eleanor Ellis is the maker of the film, "Country Blues House Party", filmed out at John Jackson's house in the early 1980s, I believe, with a very young Phil Wiggins in attendance, so she knows whereof she speaks, as do Phil and Rick.  You can find the film on the internet via a search, I believe.  It's a lot of fun to watch.
All best,

Thanks for the reminder, John. Here's a link:


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