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uncle bud:
Just some quick guidelines since we've had a bunch of new members and are always happy when people break out of lurk mode (but feel free to remain a lurker if it works for you).

The Country Blues Licks and Lessons board is for discussions about playing country blues on any instrument.

Less experienced players should feel welcome to post questions about how to play, what tuning to use, etc. Don?t be shy. There's lots of know-how among the site's members.

If you are posting lessons you have put together, Weenie thanks you, since the whole point of this forum is sharing knowledge. However, please do not use marketing language like Free, Limited Time Only, or anything else that sounds like you are using the board for free advertising. All content on WeenieCampbell is free unless stated otherwise. You should not use CAPS in your subject heading and do not need to include your name, since your username already appears alongside the subject. You can add a tag with your name to the topic so all of your lessons can be found through the tag system. Your forum profile includes fields for displaying a signature, website title and website URL. We will edit any material that doesn?t follow these simple rules.


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