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Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know that Orville Johnson, Grant Dermody and I took delivery on our new CD, "Deceiving Blues", the day before yesterday, and we're excited about it.  In the course of the program, Orville gets to shine on mandolin, dobro and rubboard, Grant handles the harmonica, and I hold down the guitar.  We all sing.  The program includes songs from such musicians as  Blind Willie Johnson, Teddy Darby, Charlie Patton, Rev. Davis, Dr. Ross and others.  We should have the CD placed with in a couple of weeks, but if anyone wants it sooner, you can send me a message from the site.
All best,

Hey John,

Looks like I get to be the first on Weenie Campbell to congratulate you, Orville and Grant on this new offering. I look forward to picking it up from you when you travel down this way. I'm sure it's great music from all quarters and I'm so glad Orville has recovered and is making music.

All for now.
John C.

uncle bud:
Yes, John, congrats on the CD. I look forward to hearing it!

Thanks for the good words, John C. and Uncle Bud, and it is great to see the extent of Orville's recovery.  He really looks 10-15 years younger.  Now to figure out how to achieve that effect without having an angioplasty performed and stent inserted!  We're pleased how things turned out, all recording in the same room, no headphones, sitting in a circle. 
All best,

Yes, congratulations Johnm!  Very cool that you guys are doing some country blues based ercording.

I see that you guys are playing together on March 11 for the Seattle Folklore Society!

Wish I could be there!


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