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Genuine negro blues in the style the negro likes. Be sure to demonstrate this record to every negro that comes to your counter. Tell them it is made by a real negro - ARC 1931 dealer sheet plugging a Collins release, quoted by Chris Smith, notes from Yazoo's Crying Sam Collins, Jail House Blues

Author Topic: Hoochie Coochie Man(Swamp Country Blues remix)  (Read 820 times)

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  • Well, let's go, Shake 'Em!!
"I'm gonna sing this verse, ain't gonna sing no more
Tell all you where i was nineteen-and-four
I was down in Louisiana on the killin' floor
And i stopped by Algiers and i want to tell you, pal
That i'll put a spider in your dumpling if you try to steal my gal."--Doc Wiley

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