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Hi all,
Stefan Grossman is having a sale on all eighteen of my video lessons that I did for him this week, through this coming Sunday, June 27, and the prices on all of the lessons are deeply discounted. All of the lessons can be purchased in downloadable versions too, if you're not interested in having a DVD. Go to to see what's available.
All best,

Hi all,
I just visited Stefan Grossman's website and discovered that for the week Monday, June 28--Sunday, July 4 he will be having all of my books on sale. They are:
   * John Miller's Country Blues Guitar Collection
   * The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt--The Rediscovery Years
   * East Coast Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * Texas Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * Mississippi Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
   * The Guitar of Blind Lemon Jefferson
The books are all available in hard copy or downloadable versions. They list for $24.95 and Stefan will be offering them for $19.95, a price I can't match (and free postage in the U.S. with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska). Go to:!/On-Sale/c/33776493 to check out the books.
Thanks for your time.
All best,

Hi John,  I am desperate to get involved with this event, the problem is I own all of these already ! - take that a as compliment

Well thanks, Andrew, and I hope that you're enjoying the Lemon book in particular, since I know that you're a big fan of his. I hope that you and your family are all doing well.
All best,

You are welcome John..... the Lemon Book, I am absorbed in it, a lifetimes work there for me. A great book.

my initial thoughts :

Excellent write up from Alan and Kip, some facts I never knew in there,  and nice analysis of some of his lyrics. Really enjoyed that.   

I found really interesting your piece about his time, I think you articulated that really well and in more detail than I ever gave Lemon credit for....I always thought that his guitar parts were so intricate and some cases going at such break neck speed he just took a rest on the one chord at the end of a lot verses, it usually makes me laugh.

You have also opened my ears to the Okeh version Matchbox blues, I hadn't gone to the top of the tree straight away for any other reason than I know the paramount versions intimately as I have been attempting to play them for years.   (I had always focused in on the Paramount version(s) only because I liked the foot tapping a the beginning.)
Oh my word, the Okeh version is incredible, some licks similar but a few of different variations. verses 2 I don't think that is in Paramount version(s) some examples of my one chord rest comment at the end of verse 2 and 3, considering the recordings are 3 months apart, I think, just shows he must have improvised a lot, varying tempo's, speed of the licks, wow. 

I am now starting to pick through other songs I thought I knew ! going to be here sometime.....

Much appreciated John, excellent book. 


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