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Juke not working for me. anyone know why/ how to fix?

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Tuning in from the Middle East, tried the web player and WMP, but no success.



Below is a post by Slack that I stole from the juke forum that lists useful links. I use default listening at work streaming thru VLC and it works great. At home, I just use the web player (I'm the guy from Cleveland)

--- Quote ---Yes, there is a new URL as we have changed audio servers.  One of the following should get you back in business:

-Multi Player Listen page:
-Mobile Links page:
-Default Listen Address:
-Port 80 Listen Address:
--- End quote ---

thank you/ still not working for me, but maybe its something to do with my computer at work.

thanks again!

Lots of work places will Firewall audio streaming.   Can you stream any other services, like iTunes Radio?, or other radio stations from work?


not a Mac guy, so I am not too sure what the Itunes is for, but I do stream sites like Lastfm and Grooveshark if thats any help. Spotify and Pandora are not available here in Israel.




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