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The Juke Status menu item is interesting. We have listeners from all over the globe, US & Canada obviously, several in Japan, several European countries, Oz, and tonight I noticed Medell?n Columbia for the first time. Have also spotted listeners in Argentina & Brazil.

International juke listeners please sign up and post if you get a moment.

From France, you can't imagine how I happy today to get juke radio on my new samsung android mobile !

Great to hear that Dom.

I'm often amazed at the geolocations tuned-in. We see a lot of US, Canada, UK, France, Deutschland, Belgique, Italia, Oz and Nippon flags on the Juke Status page. But we also see listeners in places like St. Petersburg, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Mexico, etc., many of whom are tuned-in for hours on end. So far we haven't made many inroads into Espa?a, Scandinavia (with the notable exception of ex-pat Finn Mr. Pan currently in Berlin), China, Africa, India, Pakistan, the Middle East and the SE Asian regions. I hope to spot a Tibetan flag on there someday.

Seeing all those flags gives us a lot of motivation to keep it going and grow the listener base, so many thanks for tuning-in, wherever you are.

International listeners please feel free to register, log-in and post here, we'd love to hear from you, even if it's just a weather report.

It's pissing down in Ireland  ::)

Apologies, I knew I'd miss a country or two, we see a few Irish flags popping up.

I spoke too soon about Spain, spotted a listener in Majorca tonight.


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