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Just a note to say THANK YOU for the Juke!!  I love having the hillbilly stuff mixed in with the blues and gospel. Croquet Habit mighty bad....
Juke rocks!

Thanks Suzy - and I agree, it is a nice mix, occasionally selection by committee works!  ;D

A juke listener posted this on the LoudCity page:

Dakota Lee N Wes
This station is the best thing on the internet for me.
Keep streaming the classic country blues! I don't know who is responsible for this sound coming through my speakers off this site, but you're my hero, Sir and I for one salute you! :)

I replied:
The weenie campbell forum pleads guilty, see and please check out the forum for endless discussion of the minutiae of country blues playing, history and general appreciation.

A few comments.

You don't think we've been obsolesced by the new iTunes Radio?

Is obsolesced an actual word?

We need to add Weeniepedia to the 'About' page - it's only been up for several years...

It's really nice to get such positive feedback! 

Re juke obsolescence, nah.

I've had the juke on for a while now after spending the morning listening to iTunes Delta Blues. For the hardcore country blues aficionado iTunes doesn't come close. By any measure the juke has so much more depth. I see the iTunes channel as a very positive development though since it may get many more people interested in the genre, and the selections ain't half bad, while limited. I checked back earlier and was already getting more repeats, that may improve over time of course.

Then I spent the afternoon trying to get my National to sound like Robert Petway's. Cheryl's out of town, obviously!  :D


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