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I second the motion on St. Louie guitarists; its a unique and interesting style.  John, glad to hear you're doing some more videos.


--- Quote from: unezrider on March 12, 2010, 12:16:56 AM ---i know wax does a pretty good patton, if i may say so  :)
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--- Quote from: Prof Scratchy on March 12, 2010, 04:36:59 AM ---I too was thinking Wax for the yet-to-be-made Patton tuition DVD! He's covered a wide range of the material very credibly and would do a good job of explaining it. And as  a former thespian he wouldn't be camera-shy either! How about it Wax?
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Thanks much for the kind words unez and Scratch. They are very much appreciated. I really think of all the Patton videos on my youtube site as works in progress. The way I hear and play them has changed a lot since that concert. Still a ways to go.

As to whether we will see a Charley Patton instructional video, I think that until someone demonstrates that they have a pretty workable idea of how Charley used his right hand, and I'm referring to the top tapping on the beat that he does on Down the Dirt Road, Pony Blues, Green River and many others, as mentioned by Son House in later interviews, I think it would be premature of someone like Stefan G. to produce something.

Also, as Andrew mentioned, it's pretty tough to get the gestalt of Patton, particularly in the vocal, and I don't think an instructional video would go over so well if the player couldn't perform the work with some verisimilitude. I would look to Steve James as someone who has the energy and the chutzpa, but I don't know if he has the inclination.

That said, I have been working on a way of getting the top tapping and keeping the phrasing pretty close on most of the songs I have covered. Certainly not perfect yet, the tap sound is inconsistent, and some sections I just can't maintain may still need a slightly different approach, but I think it's getting there. I've attached an mp3, just where I'm at today with it. Still very much WIP. I still have to think about the guitar way too much when I'm singing.

It would take a tremendous amount of work to get to the point where I could produce a DVD. Not only do I need to work back through all the material (6 songs maybe?) and tighten up much of the left hand, too, but getting video time, creating tab, etc. There's just a ton, musically and technically, to be done, not to mention an outlay of funds I currently don't have. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I am hoping to be in grad school next fall. Perhaps inspired a bit by you, Alan, altho' I didn't think of it till now, I hope to get an MSW and do social work in hospice. I'm already taking a few classes to get in the swing of being a student (at 58) and doing some volunteering as well. There will be little time in the next few years to produce even the musical aspects of such a project. My fledgling "career" will pretty much be on hold as well.

But it seems lots of folks are at least copping the left hand from my videos. Insight shows a lot more views than viewers on most of the Patton material. Maybe some are even copping some of the right hand work and getting ideas. I actually feel held back by my 58 year old hands. Obviously much of the material is on the edge of my capability to play it. Maybe someone younger can get the idea and do it justice.

Thanks again for the kudos.

BTW, better to use email if you want to get my attention. It's on my profile.


Wax, I just want to say that I'm one of those that's watching your videos closely and I'm blown away! I'm an over the hill, frustrated picker myself and sure appreciate having access to all this to help me get a couple of moves closer to what has always been out of my reach!  :D

There's sure never been a better time to learn from the best than now.


Parlor Picker:
I have no particular desire to learn to play that stuff, Wax, and probably wouldn't be capable anyway. However, I do enjoy watching and listening to your performances, and I'm sure a lot of other Weenies feel the same way. Thanks for entertaining us!

Thanks much.

Glad to help you out, Joe, that was the idea in posting.

It's good to hear that last, Michael. Sounds like you lads had a good weekend. Hope to make it back to one someday.



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