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Added Today:

Various Artists

   Gastonia Gallop - Cotton Mill Songs & Hillbilly Blues - Piedmont Textile Workers On Record:  Gaston County, North Carolina, 1927 - 1931

Jesse Thomas

   Lookin' For That Woman

John Sebastian And The J Band

   Chasin' Gus' Ghost
Johnny Young

   Chicago Blues

   Johnny Young And His Friends

Junior Wells

   Come On In This House

   Hoodoo Man Blues

Yank Rachell

   Chicago Style

Added Today:

Roy Book Binder

   The Good Book

Roy is celebrating a big year this year -- he turns 70 and is celebrating 45 years on the road.  The Rolling Stones have nuthin' on Roy!

A very nice CD of all originals in Roy's imitable style.

Nice of Roy to put a link to us (and a nice comment) on his site:

I will definitely pick up the album, looks like it's only available digital downloadable at this point (?). Somebody had to write the Electric Cigarette Blues, I'm glad, and not surprised, Book got there first.

PegLeg Records is Roy's label.  You can buy the CD on CD Baby

Or Roy's site


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