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We are living in the golden age of audio with huge catalogs of all kinds of music at our fingertips over a great variety of streaming services (which is another topic i'd like to bring up).  I hope we all post some music we are listening to, all genres, all formats so we can share our passion for music and discover new music we hadn't heard or maybe even considered.

I'm a long time Ry Cooder fan and I know Rivers is too -- in fact it may be his influence that got me to listening.  Anyway, I loved the Cuban/African influenced of 'Buena Vista Social Club' and 'Mambo Sinuendo'. So, seeking out more I came across this podcast on spotify... which includes a couple of Ry Cooder cuts.  Not a big World Music guy, but I'm going to explore a few more of these podcasts.  On iTunes, spotify, FB, IG.

Got a have a bit of Dr John every so often.  Recording quality is great, a little New Orleans funk and it will give your woofers a work out. 

And Dr. John leads to The Neveille Brothers -- great live concert from 1994.  Hot stuff!

Funny you should mention Dr John. I had my phone connected via bluetooth to the van's stereo yesterday, playing randomly, and Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya came on. At the time I was battling through a blizzard on back roads in Vermont delivering milk. It was perfect, strangely enough. I don't have that Creole Moon album, must get it.

Richard Thompson albums "Electric" and "13 Rivers", "Serpent's Tears", others, on heavy rotation here. I listen to a lot of different stuff all across the map, all the time. My blues improvisation studies are drawing me back into that whole enormous genre also.

--- Quote ---I don't have that Creole Moon album, must get it.
--- End quote ---

You still buy albums?  Surely you stream stuff too, even to endoftheearth upstate NY...?


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