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West End Blues

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I used to have an E copy of this.  The incomparable Louis Armstrong with the Hot Five (Earl Hines on Piano)

I have recently been watching the Ken Burns 10-part story of Jazz. I found it exceptionally well done. He features a lot of Louis Armstrong in the earlier parts.


That's a good one, eric. I have it on Volume 3 of "The Complete Hot Five And Hot Seven Recordings." I picked it up when the CD set was issued in the early-mid 2000s, IIRC. I did a quick search and the CD is also on YT as a playlist if you're interested. (I haven't checked for the other CDs):

Pops is tops!

That collection Stuart brought up is excellent.

I think that's Earl Hines on piano. Mrs. Armstrong couldn't swing a piano break like that.


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