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Bear with me here. My 2022 New Year's Resolution was to be able to play a lead break on electric, or acoustic guitar for the matter, without screwing up. I've been in love with country blues fingerpicking for so long I realized that in my case it's become a bit of a crutch.

So now I'm engaged in mastering the major- and minor pentatonic (and major- minor- and mixolydian) scales and their relationships, and learning BB King, Albert King, Freddy King etc classic licks. My major study is phrasing.

So we have amps all over the living room, and YouTube tutorials on the box.

Anyone else craving being able to take a good electric blues solo?

Prof Scratchy:
No, not me…. O0

Me neither.
I do go to the occasional electric jam to meet friends and usually stick a slide on or fake it.

 Never practice with the electric as acoustic blues is what I love most and provides more than sufficient challenge.

 I've listened to country blues for 60 years and never get bored with it. There's always a surprise around the corner.

Forgetful Jones:
Early pandemic had me buying pedals and such. I didn't dive too deep into different modes, but I definitely spent more time learning lead guitar than I ever had before. More hard rock/alternative style stuff that listened to in years past.
I goofed around with some Duane Allman style slide too. It was different and fun. It's also probably been a year since I plugged in.

Blues Vintage:
I played that stuff for years (the 3 Kings, pentatonic scales). I play still play it occasionally but I prefer and always come back to the classic guitar and piano blues from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

Check out "Blues You Can Use" by John Ganapes. It will have you rockin' the blues in no time.


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