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Here's a few more (possible) errors:

Cannon's Jug Stompers - The Tooster Crowing Blues
shouldn't it be (The) Rooster Crowing Blues?? (Victor VI38593)

Sam McGee - KnoXVIlle Blues? (Typo)

Canon's Jug Stompers - Big Railroad Blues
Canon's Jug Stompers - Springdale Blues

Best regards

Thanks guys - got 'em.

Welcome to the forum KyReeler!

Thanks for the welcome Slack, see biofo at bottom:

So, someone crash loaded over 4000 tracks to/from the CDDB? As the Famous Ecceles would say "Ohhhh"

What about incomplete titles?
145? Memphis Jug Band - Memphis Boy?
146? Memphis Jug Band - Memphis Boy Blues
I do find find a Victor disc in the online discography
VI120812 - Memphis Jug band "Memphis Boy Blues" (vWill Shade-Bill Weldon) [sic] Recorded 6/9/27

How about multi ways to list people as in:
Gary Davis (aka Reverend Gary Davis; Davis, Rev Gary; Rev Gary Davis; Blind Gary Davis, maybe more)
or Buddy Woods, Oscar Buddy Woods, Oscar Woods?

Then there's the infamous WoodsBlackAce.
That one ya gotta fix, they were two different people, and did they ever cut a disc together? (Besides the CD that is >:D).


small nits:
SAm Collins - Lonesome Road Blues
Memphis Jug Band - Spider'S Next Blues

larger nits:

377 Chicken/Hinton*Skeeter Wilson - Chicken Wilson Blues
378 Chicken/Hinton*Skeeter Wilson - D.C. Rag
379 Chicken/Hinton*Skeeter Wilson - Frog Eye Stomp?
380 Chicken/Hinton*Skeeter Wilson - House Snake Blues?
381 Chicken/Hinton*Skeeter Wilson - Myrtle Avenue Stomp?
382 Chicken/Hinton*Skeeter Wilson - Myrtle Avenue Stomp?
383 Chicken/Hynton*Skeeter Wilson - Station House Rag

My swag is Chicken Wilson & Skeeter Hinton, which a google search "confirmed."
But I'll submit this instead:
The On-Line discography lists Paramount Race Series platter 12843 as:
A Side-George Wilson - "Chicken Wilson Blues" recorded 12/??/28
B Side-George Wilson & Jimmy Hinton - "House Snake Blues" recorded (1929 Pm)
Both sides show the composer as George Wilson.

Can't find another Hinton or Hilton, but then it is the 'almost complete' online discography.


To exp-and/lain on myself a little:

I would know who's who if it was a hillbilly band or many of the rural performers that started recording between 1924 and the date ol' Jimmie Rodgers came along, gave his first blue yodel and killed it all (IMNSHO), [derecorder giveth and derecorder taketh, The Singing Brakeman and the Carter Family both on the same day? what a wacko sense of humour]..but blues...well, thanks to hearing Bilnd Willie Johnson's "The Soul of a Man" about four years ago I started to pay real attention, then I started googling to finally figure out who the totally incredible but completely (to me) obscure artists on "The Anthology of American Folk Music" discs were. I.E. who is this Henry Thomas and did the Holy Modal Rounders learn "Fishing Blues" from him...I know who 'Lead Belly' was, but the Memphis Jug Band? And the same Blind WIllie sent 'Dark was the Night' to the stars and did "John the Revelator"!!! Then I finally figured out how to make WinAmp display more than 500 stations and yelled BINGO (many times). If it wasn't for sugarinthegourd and goonshowradio I'd be listening to weeniejuke all the time. At least AENA das mittlealter Radio has been forced off my play list by the new EU licensing law (as far as I can cipher German). However, if I ever find a station that broadcasts Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Ian Campbell, Sandy Denny or (God forbid) Maddy Prior I'll see ya when I see ya ;-])

Anyway, sorry for the long (but short for me) missive.

Best regards

P.S. in case anyone's wondering if I grew up totally clueless; I stopped watching, researching or even caring about Baseball in 1997 for one simple reason: the greatest pitcher ever to pitch in the major leagues had not been admitted to the Hall of Fame, almost fourty years after he died and, yes, I did see Satchel pitch. Can anyone name this man without using the internet?

Hi KyReeler,

Thanks for taking the time to look through the playlist and research on Chicken Wilson Hinton Skeeter identity crisis. I've got it on my stack of things to do... all valid corrections and some that affect how the playlist gets played - eg the multiple ways to list artists.  My style is to get the stuff up and go back and fix later --- if I remember or haven't gotten distracted by somthing else.  ;)

--- Quote ---So, someone crash loaded over 4000 tracks to/from the CDDB? As the Famous Ecceles would say "Ohhhh"
--- End quote ---

You wouldn't believe how many songs have been performed by some guy named 'Various Artists'.

I'm familiar with Sugarinthegourd - a fine old time radion station, but not goonshowradio - so will have to check it out.

Glad you found Country Blues 4 years ago.  How did you find Weenie Juke?  By googling?

Thanks again and Cheers,

Hi Slack and KyReeler

Thanks for the mentions of SugarInTheGourd and goonshowradion. I have just been to both and they look very interesting - however, attempting to connect results in a *.pls format file being downloaded (I assume this is a 'playlist' file). This opens in NotePad and not in Win Media Player as O would have expected (as does the Weenie Juke).

Any ideas guys ??



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