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I stumbled on three epiodes of an online stream named "John Heneghan?s Old Time Radio Show"  that were entertaining. Don Kent is the guest and relates a few of his experiences as a record collector. The shows are interviews with records played. All music is acoustic and 78 RPM.

Don Kent ? Early Country Blues Records Pt.1

Don Kent ? Early Country Blues Records Pt.2

Don Kent ? Early Country Blues Records Pt. 3


PS: Thanks much Uncle Bud. Good thinkin' moving this thread over to the Juke forum.

uncle bud:
John Heneghan has a bunch of those "old-time radio shows" - very entertaining. In addition to Don Kent, he's got a lot with R. Crumb, as well as Rich Nevins, Pat Conte, and shows that just spin records from his collection. You can download from his website  or get them as podcasts on the iTunes store.

Ran across this excellent site/stream out of Poland;
Select "Delta"

It still amazes me how far reaching the genre of country blues is. I used to enjoy checking out the listener map on the juke.



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