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an old sam chatmon picture

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hey everyone.  I thought some of you might enjoy this pic I came across awhile back of Sam Chatmon.  When I see frozen moments of history like these I can't help but ponder what they did that day or what were they thinking at that particular moment in time.  What a great picture!!  By the way what kind of guitar is that?  I love it!!  It reminds me of a gibson recording king.
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So in further research this picture was from the following album: Sam Chatmon: The Mississippi Sheik
(since I wasn't alive then the only Sam chatmon I've been able to get my hands on is the cd 1970-74):

Here is the tracklisting from that record (if any of you have it I would like to buy it, puweeeesssse)
- Go Back Old Devil
- B & O Blues
- Love Come Falling Down
- Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
- Vacation Blues
- Last Chance Shaking In The Bed With Me
- Blues In E

- Streching Them Things
- Brownskin Woman Blues
- Fool About My Loving
- Turnup Greens
- Cold Blooded Murder Blues
- Sam's Rag
- Cross Cut Saw Blues
- Kansas City Blues

Hi Ryan, the guitar is a Gibson L-4, an acoustic archtop.

Nice pic!


I just got a dvd from Stefan Grossman which features Sam Chatmon playing guitar and I am captivated!  Since then I've been searching and researching on the net and trying to listen to everything that I can.  I have some questions though:

1.  On this site they say "Sam was one of the few white bluesman to perform with Fingers Taylor on the Blues Caravan in the 1970's  Is this true?

2.  Has anyone heard an album with Colin Linden called Sam Chatmon and his BBQ Boys


That biography is a bit strange in the reference to Sam as white - I don't think anyone has ever considered the Chatmon family as white.  Definately mixed race, some indian probably.

John Miller knew Sam Chatmon personally, spendt time with him when JOhnm was in College I beleive  - John must be on the road or something, but when he gets back he may be able to answer your questions.



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