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As I've previously mentioned, I'm hoping to rearrange this one (the original guitar part is just closed chord strumming), so I'd like to get the lyrics straight.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I really don't care for the harp playing on this one.

Jockey Blues is an eight bar blues, using the flat VI chord (D#) in the fourth bar.
[ G ][ G7 ][ C ][ D# ]
[ G ][ D ][ G/D ][ G ]

Jockey Blues
Jazz Gillum

Standard tuning, G position

Introduction verse

(1) My gal, she's a jockey, and she learned me how to ride.
And she learned me how to park it on the side.

(2) Instrumental verse

(3) She cooked good cabbage and she called them turnip greens.
Them's the best old bunch of green that I've ever seen.

(4) Instrumental verse

(5) I wish, the Lord, would move here Kingdom up high.
So I wouldn't be bothered with Corrina when she died.

(6) Instrumental verse

(7) I'm here, pretty mama, take your daddy by the hand.
I'm gonna give you somethin' that you can't get from no other man.

(Eight) Instrumental verse

(9) Don't the sun look mighty pretty, honey, shinin' through the trees.
Don't your house look lonesome when your baby pack your rags and leave.

(10) Instrumental verse and outro.

What year is this one from?


(edited to reflect input from dj and cru423 below)

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--- Quote ---What year is this one from?
--- End quote ---

April 4th, 1936.  Broonzy on guitar, and an unknown string bass.

Things are busy at work, so I don't have time to listen to the lyrics now.  I'll check them out later if no one has done the dirty work before me.

Here's what I hear for verse 5.  The second line I'm sure of, the first only about 85%.

I wish, the Lord, would move MOVE HERE, CHAIN 'em up high.
So I wouldn't be bothered with CORINA when she died.

I wish the Lord would move his  :)Kingdom ;) up high
So I wouldn't be bothered with Corrina when she died.

Maybe he meant to say 'the coroners' and it turned into Corrina.

Blues Vintage:
Note; can someone change the title of this thread to Jazz Gillum Lyrics? Thanks.

Jazz Gillum - Boar Hog Blues

Jazz Gillum - Vocals, Harmonica
Big Bill Broonzy - Guitar
George Barnes - Guitar
Unknown - Bass
Washboard Sam - Washboard

Aurora, Ill. March 14, 1938 at the Leland Hotel

What make a rooster
Honey crow 'bout the break of day
To let the kidman know
That the main man is on his way

I'm a stranger here
Honey just stopped in your town
If I ask you for a favor
Mama please don't turn me down

She's a long tall woman
With the meat shakin' on her bone
Every time she shakes
Some skinny gal have lost her home

Get your ice from a polish
Get your sweet milk from a cow
Get your pork chop from a boar hog
Get your pigmeat from a sow


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