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Hello Weenies, I recently complete my lock-down goal of recording all of Papa Charlie Jackson's songs. I plan to do the duets in the near future. Have a gander if you like,
hope everyone's well!

Blues Vintage:
Impressive Thomas.

Norfolk Slim:
Blimey- thats quite a task.

I'll echo Simon, Thomas, that's a lot of work.  I did some cherry-picking, going through the list and listening to your versions of particular favorites of mine.  All of the ones I've watched so far where your use a flat pick have been terrific.  The later "Skoodle um Skoo" is really fine, as is "I'm Going Where The Chilly Winds Don't Blow", "Ash Tray Blues", "Long John, Long Gone".  I'll bet you really learned a lot in the course of working up all of those tunes.  Way to go!
All best,

David Kaatz:
That's quite an accomplishment. I wouldn't be able to keep the songs in the same key/position separate in my head. Nice job.


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