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--- Quote from: richard on January 29, 2005, 12:31:54 PM ---
You've been conned Slack, this 'ere map does not have Channel Islands on it  >:D

--- End quote ---

Actually, I paid extra for that feature.  :P 

To have them erased???  8)

Possible problem with Safari. When I try to position my pin on SF I get an Illegal Coordinates message (must be a Republican program). Anyway, after experimenting I found out that the pin apears about 1000 miles south and a little east of where I place the cross hairs. And to attemp to hit SF on the penninsula I'd have to position the crosshairs off the map, which it won't let me do. So it can tell when I'm just off the map, even tho' it thinks I'm way down and over from there if I move just onto the map. Weird. Oh well. I'll try it on a Mac with IE later today.
All for now.
John C.

Hi! Waxy,
Have you tried the otherside of the map? It may possibly wrap right round. As some people think it really does.


blind rat blues:
Hey guys looks like I is da only one in Aussieland.


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