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Ted Bogan’s Guitar Style


Hey gang, I’m just curious has anyone sat and figured out the guitar accompaniment that Ted Bogan would play with Howard Armstrong and Carl Martin? Great stuff really! Sounds like he’s doing a lot of Western swing chords. He moves around a lot and it’s pretty hard to hear all the subtle chords with the whole band ripping away at it. Very cool stuff though here is an extra heartfelt take they do of “They cut down the old pine tree” enjoy.

If you watch the movie Louie Bluie, there's a ton of footage of Bogan playing, and he does indeed play a ton of swing-type chords; he's a very sophisticated player. I'd recommend checking that out if you haven't seen it.

It is one of my all time favorite flicks! Terry zwigoff really delivered the goods. Especially that scene at the end when they are busking and playing “wrap your troubles in dreams” just about brings a tear to my eye every time. Also just the friendly banter between them all is priceless. “If we were the last two men on earth and had but one biscuit between us, I’d break it in half and eat both ends”


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