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Another acoustic blues show on facebook live

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If anyone wants to see the archive of last night's show:

Hi Paul,
Why don't you do all of the announcements for your shows on the same thread, just updating it every time you do a new show? I'll merge all of your previous announcements into one thread, and you'll have a single source thread.  Sound sensible?
All best,

For sure, John. I'll do that. Thanks!

I have another acoustic blues show streaming live on Thursday night at 9pm eastern time. I'll be playing mandolin and banjos. I've changed "venues" this time and am doing it on YouTube.

Here's the link:

Hey, y'all. I'm playing some acoustic blues on mandolin and banjos tonight at 9pm eastern. Go to this facebook event at the time and there will be a magical YouTube link for you to watch the show with the masses of fans.


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