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uncle bud:

--- Quote from: Rockdale on March 02, 2005, 06:27:34 PM ---I just thought of another 'F Tune' to mention......

? "Try Some Of That" from Pink Anderson's "Carolina Blues Man Vol. 1" CD. The lyrics, in my opinion, are really funny but the thing about this song that I love is the cool bass runs that he does. Is anyone else familiar with this tune?

--- End quote ---

Kenny- I love this tune and have always meant to figure it out. Didn't realize it was in F. Will have to check it out.

Hi all,
I'm sneaking in from England.  How about:
   *  "Doing A Stretch"--Blind Blake
   * "Pick Poor Robin Clean"--Luke Jordan
   * "Alabama Jubilee"--Mance Lipscomb
All best,

Willie McTell's Delia was in F but perhaps detuned?

eagle rockin daddy:
Hello everyone,

  Rev. Davis arranged the "The United States of America March" in F.  Just amazing.  Andy Cohen put his version on his new cd, Rediculous Instrumentals that I just got.  I'll post a review soon.


Hi all,
I'm just back from England, and thought of a bunch by Papa Charlie Jackson:
   * Corn Liquor Blues
   * Big Feeling Blues
   * Ma and Pa Poorhouse Blues
   * She Belongs To Me Blues
All best,


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