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How to quote more than one post


uncle bud:
There has been a lot of replying in multiples lately, with members making several posts in a row within a single topic quoting several other posts individually (and not just in the LV Thomas thread). Just thought folks might like to know how to quote multiple posts within one single reply, so we don't end up with a long string of the same topic when one reply will do.

When you reply to someone's post, you can quote that post by clicking the Quote button found in the upper right of the post box. But you can quote additional recent posts as well.

Scroll down below the reply box and you will see earlier posts in the thread. On the right side, there is a button called Insert Quote. Click that to quote whatever additional post or posts you like. I believe this is limited to what shows up on the reply page, but it is still useful.

This applies to computer browsers. If you are using a mobile device to post using Tapatalk, this unfortunately doesn't seem to apply.

There is also a "Insert Quote" BBS button above he smiley faces. You can copy and paste, highlight what you copied and click the BBS Quote button.  This method will not tell you Whoy ou are quoting however.


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