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Weenie Juke Radio to Close at the End of February

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It was great. Sorry to see it go.Any suggestions of sites to take it's place? Thanks

Apologies for not chipping in due to being immersed in a new project. Thanks for all the nice comments. It was great fun to be involved in the recent upgrades. I was highly sceptical of the juke concept at the beginning. Luckily Slack and co overruled my objections.

On a brighter note, the key word here is 'mothballed'. If conditions change in the future such that we can consider cranking up the juke again, in whatever form, we will certainly start discussing.

Thanks Rivers and Company for the great radio.

Very sad to hear this, I used to listen to it when I could and it's a great loss as it was withoud a shred of doubt the greatest radio channel on planet earth, there was nothing even remotely as good. Here there is on 2 hour show a week and I cant even get reception for it, also it is way to blues/rock oriented and country blues classics may get played once every dozen or so weeks. Weenie Juke had no competition, it stood out like a young Elle McPherson wearing a bikini in a sea of shaggy bearded coalminers in the outback.


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