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I have just aquired the little beauty which plays and feels really great... don't tell my wife  :-X

There are no markings other than stamps inside the body saying "Sep 1938" and "Oct 1938" - it's got a 'V' neck and has undoubtedly seen some wear. I had it roadtested  by some good players before buying it and all concluded it sounded great  and I should buy it on condition my playing must improve do it some justice!

We understand it to be a National Rosita, but can anyone confirm it? I'm going to keep it whatever as it is just so nice :P 

I hope the attachments work!

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Congrats Richard - looks really funky.? I like the lyre shapes in the cover plate... unusual.

This description sounds pretty accurate:

Maple veneer body probably made by Harmony, lyre-shaped holes in upper body, trapeze tailpiece, bound top and back, 14 frets clear of the body, ebonized fingerboard, dot fingerboard inlays, slotted peghead, 2-tone mahogany finish, round or square neck. In 1937 F-holes replaced the lyre shaped holes in the upper body. Available 1933 to 1939.

If it plays and sound good - what more do you want.  change the damn strings - they look awful and may require a tetnus shot.  ;)


Slack, thanks.

I suppose my underlying doubts was that this is 12 fret and everything seems to say Rosita's should have 14 frets. Also, with no National logo and not having seen this coverplate design before I thought it worth posting for comments - whatever it's a great toy :P

Come to that, I have not seen a pic of a Rosita at all  :-\  could it be some other model?

Regarding tetnus, I'll play it with thick gloves until I can afford to change the strings  ;D

Isn't this similar to the reso Muddy Waters is pictured playing with Son Sims?

By the way I can vouch for the fact that this guitar sounds good - with the new strings Richard has on it!

Good buy Richard - just need to practice harder now!


Go to and look at the pics of the Rosita there to see the twin of your guitar.


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