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Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the suggestions and help on my first slide post. Here's an update.

Slides- I tried every slide that would fit over my rather large pinkie and narrowed it down to a Dunlop glass and a Moonslide. I bought the Dunlop but after my lesson traded it for the Moonslide (because of the input from this forum). I only tried it for a couple of minutes but really liked the way it felt- now I need to practice!
I also tried the Martin slide with all the notches and flats it was cool and gave me some ideas on modifying the steel slide I have.
I tried something else before I got to the music store- a 1/2" copper pipe coupler, it fits between my middle knuckle and the tip of my pinkie and is kinda fun to use as sort of a mini slide I'm thinking about modifying it a bit 'cause I can almost finger chords with the tip of the finger.

Guitar- I currently play a Seagull S6+ Cedar and my wife bought me a Martin DM 12 last winter.
Now my next question- I'm thinking of buying an inexpensive Art and Lutherie Folk for a second 6-string guitar for open tunings and blues, do you think this guitar would work or should I look for a reso or something similar? My price range is a bit limited.

Thanks again,

uncle bud:
The man has GAS.

Gary, Art & Lutherie are made by the same company that makes Seagulls (LaSiDo out of Quebec, Canada), and are their bargain line, which you probably already knew. LaSiDo guitars are generally considered good value for the money. I've looked at Art & Lutherie in the past when trying to find something parlor-sized. I didn't buy but I know as bargain guitars many people are very satisfied with them. Can't hurt to try them at those prices. As for resos, I'm not up-to-date but some of the cheaper ones include Johnson (both wood body and metal bodies) and Epiphone. I've liked some of the Johnsons, less impressed with the Epis, though it's really a guitar by guitar kind of checking thing and you may find one that speaks to you.

Much more knowledgeable gearheads may pipe up.

Gary, IMHO the Martin 000-15S is the guitar for you. 12 frets, 1 3/4" nut, all mahogany, slothead, good price.

There is a current thread that is somewhat informative over at the Woodshed regarding the 000-15s, which does sound like an excellent country blues guitar, and there have been several threads in the last couple months on the IGS Forum concerning "less expensive than Nationals" resonator guitars, including upgrade mods, like swapping in National cones (cheap) and playing with post placement, and such. 'Course, once you start getting into the second or third guitar, you should really take your time, do the research, and play lots of guitars. One good way to do this is to attend Port Townsend, where there will be hundreds of guitars of all ilks. You can hear what the really great ones sound like as well as compare lots of less expensive guitars. Barring that, get out to the stores nearest you and start playin' 'em. And anytime you take a trip, check out the guitar stores in the area. One positive side effect of taking your time is that you can save more funds, giving you more options the longer you hold out.
All for now.
John C.

If a small body, inexpensive, wood guitar was good enough for Blind Willie Johnson - it's good enough for us.

I do like Rivers pick though if you can spare the extra bucks.



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