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Hi all,
Just wondering who all is out there playing/touring professionally doing blues string band music...

Our own Suzy Thompson, and her husband Eric, call one of their incarnations Thompson's String Ticklers, which they consider a "hillbilly blues band". Some of the sides on Suzy's latest cd (see Reviews) feature the Ticklers. Suzy on fiddle, Eric on guitar or mando, another guitar and mando and a banjo-uke. Good stuff, but I don't think they play beyond the bay area.
All for now.
John C.

once upon a time I was a fan of a band called the Geyer Street Sheiks in St. Louis (earlyish 90s).  They have a real nice CD called Great Dreams.  They seem to have drifted in and out of existence near as I can tell, but I've heard of them playing gigs more recently. 


A friend of mine has a thing going in the New York City area called The Second Fiddles.

There is a great blues string band in  Kansas City, MO called the Rain Dogs.  We were fortune enough to play with them this fall at  the Footmad festival in  West Virginia this past September.  Their website is:

The feature guitar piano, bass and washborad.  Mike the piano player doubles on harp and Karla who sings and plays the washboard, a man she has got a style, also plays mandolin.

They are fun and most of thier material is pre-war blues and jug band music.  They have to strong CD's so far and are fun to hear and jam with.



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