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Rube Lacy and Garfield Akers Question

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Just a couple of artist specific questions:

Are Mississippi Jailhouse Groan and Ham Hound Crave the only two Rube Lacy recordings available?

Are Garfield Akers recordings only available on various compilation collections?


For sure a Yes to the first question and I'm pretty sure a Yes to the second question too... at least I've only scene Garfiled Akers on compilations.  ...but trying to think if Document has a Complete Garfiled Akers ... I don't remember seeing it.

All of Garfield Akers is on "Son House & The Great Delta Blues Singers 1928 - 1930".   Rube Lacy, too.

edited to add:  Document DOCD-5002

There is rumored to be one other missing unreleased Rube Lacey title and gosh it would be great if it turns up someday. Title escapes me.

Edited to add, I got that snippet from David Evans's book Big Road Blues. The missing title was 'Long Lonesome Blues' which, of course, is the same name as a Lemon tune.

Rev. Rubin Lacy - Old Hallelujahs -
Description: Down-home gospel singing and preaching by a legend of the Country Blues
recorded in Ridgecrest, California, 1966 by Evans& John Fahey
Material: 21 tracks (feat. guitar accomp. on 1 trk each by John Fahey, Alan Wilson and David Evans)
notes by David Evans, photos
In this unreleased CD, John accompanied Mr. & Mrs. Rubin Lacy on a song called "Somebody Touched Me".
Mimosa records will only lease this to a recording company.   Weenie Campbell Records???
take care,


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