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Robert Johnson movie?

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I just finished reading Bob Dylan's excellent autobiography, "Chronicles - Part 1".  He goes on at length about his influences, including many country blues artists.

He mentions having recently viewed what is believed to be an authentic 8mm home movie of Robert Johnson shot by a German tourist in Ruleville, Mississippi, in the late 1930s.  He says it's only about 8 seconds long, but when slowed down it is unmistakably Johnson.  "Has to be -- couldn't be anyone else", he says.  (It's on page 287 of the book).

This is the first I've heard of a movie, and I find it hard to believe, but Dylan seems convinced.  I couldn't find any mention of this on the web.  Anyone know about it?

I've never heard of a possible film of Robert Johnson that was shot by a German tourist, but about seven or eight years ago a film was discovered in the basement of a Memphis theatre of an African American guitarsist, with harmonica rack, playing in the late 30's, in front of the theatre where the film was found.  There was a lot of hullabaloo that it was a film of Robert Johnson and people started bidding exorbitant amounts of money for the film. 
They had a few of his contemporaries look at the film and they didn't think it was him.  Eventually someone took notice of the movie posters behind the musician and did some research into when those films were playing at the theatre.  It was established that the films were shown at the theatre a couple of years after Johnson had died and it was therefore impossible that the man in the film was Johnson. 
After continued speculation Robert Jr. Lockwood concluded, "I don't care how many times you look at it,  it still ain't Robert!"

Prof Scratchy:
There was talk and excitement about such a silent movie clip a couple of years ago. On examination the street musician was pictured with a 1940-ish movie poster in the background of the shot, and the film clip was discredited as depicting RJ. Would be interesting to see it anyway, and to research who the musician was.
Prof S
PS: here's an article
 and another

Well, that must be what Dylan was referring to, because he did mention the harmonica and rack.  His book is pretty new, so I'm surprised he didn't know that the movie proved not to be of Johnson.  Thanks for the feedback!

Bunker Hill:
FWIW this RJ movie was originally the subject of a cogent 'debunk' by Tom Freeland in Living Blues 142 (Nov/Dec 1998) in a feature entitled "Robert Johnson Not On Film".


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