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Gatemouth's Passing


I read on another forum that Gatemouth Brown had passed away. I know most of us appreciated the music and the man. I read that he left Lousiana to avoid the Hurricane and went to his brother's house in Texas. It was there that he passed away at 81. Rest In Peace, my friend.

My favorite recordings featuring Gatemouth:


requiescat in pace

Bill Roggensack:
I had the pleasure of seeing Gate perform several times, and my most memorable was an occasion when he shared a festival stage with Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir. Gate had taken a fancy to one of the gals (she was from Texas), and proceeded to do the routine where he uses his guitar to mimic voices in an argument between a man and woman. He made an eye-to-eye connection with his female counterpart, and as the "argument" escalated, she suddenly realized where things were headed and started to blush in anticipation. I laughed until tears ran down my face. Every "word" spoken by his guitar was completely decipherable. Amazing control and timing.

Gate could swing about as hard as anybody I've ever seen, and always played with his bare fingers, achieving tremendous speed and incredible control over tone. So throw away all those picks!

He's probably jamming with some old friends right now.

I remember, in the summer of 1974, when I was working/camping/flyfishing/loafing in Durango, CO that Gatemouth was the local Sheriff and he played a local gig weekly at the Silver Slipper, downtown.? We would always go to his show and drink the cheapest beer we could get (we were "homeless" and had almost no money).? He played his leather covered Gibson and his fiddle to the accompaniment of an electronic drum machine (remember, this is 1974 and these things sucked).? Some nights we were the only ones in the joint.? He played jazz standards, old pop tunes, country, swing; jeez - just about everything.? We would drunkenly ask him to play the blues and he would just tell us to go to hell.? What a guy - I'll never forget him.? Sure glad he had some significant success later in life.

There are (at least) 2 good DVDs of him performing with an actual band.

God Bless,

Nice description of Gate's funeral at

If you can't find it there, go to and look for the obvious link to the story.



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