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Ran across this:

Emma Lee:
That's so cool. Prof. Bryan T. Sinclair sounds great - is also jazz bibliographer for the university library. Kind of like Prof. Slack and others here on the site.

Hey, speaking of Country Blues for credit -- KC King (who works in the self-sustaining/extension programs part of the University of Washington) was thinking that it's entirely possible (if the right people, in the School of Music, were to make the right decisions and such) that PTCBW could be offered for credit at the U-Dub. The PT Jazz Workshop can already be taken for credit this way -- if the academic School and Department were to think it was a good idea, why not PT Country Blues too? Hmm. I don't know how much interest there would be in such a thing (on all sides of the equation), but it could potentially be cool.


--- Quote ---is also jazz bibliographer for the university library. Kind of like Prof. Slack and others here on the site.
--- End quote ---

Emma Lee, you must have me confused with someone else -- I ain't no perfessor, can hardly write my name.

What a great University class though....

Emma Lee:

I think that it would be great if the UW could do it. It would also be great if the Music Dept. could offer courses similar to the one at UNC (which could serve as a precedent). Of course there would be a number of administrative hurdles and hoops, but it could be done. The Music Dept. had an interest in ethnomusicology in the past at least (just check the holdings of the Music Library). All it takes is one prof. to schedule a course and then bring in a person or persons as (an) adjunct(s) to team teach it with. Given the number of talented and knowledgable people in the Seattle area they could offer a number of interesting (as well as solid and rigorous) courses under the rubric of American Roots Music. Now all we need is adequate funding.


P.S. From the "dedication page" of my diss that I did at the UW:

"And for MJH (July 3, 1893-November 2, 1966) who, although I never met him personally, taught me how to do things."

And who says that you don't learn anything in grad school!

I'm surprised nobody's taken a gratuitous pot shot at this so . . . that's my cue.

Can you imagine the arguments in those classes. Everyone trying to outdo each other citing meaningful ephemera to support some highly dubious point or other. Kind of like actually. It could only end in tears. Check your axes at the door people, the tutor knows the truth and will guide you to a true understanding of the blues.

Is there an audition or can anybody attend, d'ya think?


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