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A short while ago, while browsing the Alan Lomax archives, I stumbled on this hand written letter from Son House to Alan Lomax, written in Rochester in 1943,,-0.127,2.76,1.754,0 ,in which Son House notifies Lomax that he moved north  to Rochester, and expresses an interest in the Almanac Singers and in engaging contact 'at more ease'. Today on their Facebook side the American Folklife Center  presents correspondence between Alan Lomax and Pete Seeger where Son House is also mentioned  (both under aliases) and were it is mentioned that he wants to come to New York.[0]=AZXMxfZLR928dgIsnJTT3VT2k80uSMetHyVKymsLHpLZdmnodK2TESoLjiDbEaAOxOaCwzh-6vmvxoAfsj8yl5tUJYbxFuUvSNwFXMzWXemElsvmkVKPN5WPap-z34jhCyU&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
Unfortunately, Alan Lomax did not answer Son House s letter before 1948 and may have lost contact, I believe Alan was in the war. It does show that Son House may not have been so lost at all and makes one wonder what could have been if Son Houses art was more widely appreciated already then.

rein, interesting, both links are the same though, you might want to modify your post at the second link.

oops, the second link should work now

Thanks for the correction, rein. Re: Where the letter on the American Folklife Center Facebook page has Son "Stouse" instead of Son "House," Alan Lomax did not type the letter. Down in the lower left hand corner of the letter we see, "AL:mdr." A person using the initials "mdr" typed it. It's possible "Stouse" is mistake and not what Alan Lomax intended.

I would also be interested in the letter from Son House, may be it is in Pete Seeger s archive... But I found it interesting to see that Alan Lomax was obviously very interested in working with Son House and was trying to make possibilities for him. I am a big fan off Son House myself, borrowing the CD with the LoC sessions from the local library as a teenager was a lifechanging experience for me, but I have always had very complicated feelings about his post 'rediscovery' career. I am too young to have experienced him in person, but when I first saw footage off his performances I was deeply moved, and it is a powerful but sometimes painful experience. Just as reading some articles where young (at the time ) fans nearly boast of sneaking alcohol in and taking him from the custody off his wife, who must have been very aware of what it was she was guarding him from. I really do hope that this 'rediscovery' was beneficial to himself as well. I find this a very hard subject, and can t help but wonder what could have been if it all happened twenty tears earlier, and without twenty years of neglect and bitterness.
I don t mean this in anyway as an attack on the people that worked with Son House, let alone on Alan Lomax, it is just something that is on my mind,
Greetings, Rein


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