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Woody Mann R.I.P.

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Scott Jacobs:
If it wasn't for Woody Mann, I probably wouldn't have met my wife or other fine folks within this community like Waxwing.  I feel really lucky that I got to meet up with Woody and his new wife, Valerie, for dinner and a concert featuring Jacob Jolliff and Michael Daves on my last trip to NYC.

Keep singing, playing, and writing music.  We only get so many trips around the Sun.

Sad news indeed.

Very sorry to hear this
I attended Lasse Johanssons guitarcamp in Hungary twice where he was one of the teachers. Lasse and Mike Dowling the others.
Great time and Woody tought me a lot. But he was not to happy to be assosiated with John Fahey( who by then was a favorite of mine.)
I often play Woodys Hudson River Blues.
Bengt in Gothenburg Sweden


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