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Woody Mann R.I.P.

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I saw on another forum that Mary Flower posted on Facebook that Woody died. Can anyone confirm that? Im not on Facebook. Im hoping its not true.

Prof Scratchy:
Very tragic news, which sadly appears to be true.

Stefan Grossman posted it on his website, along with a statement from Woodys wife.

So sad. He was a very special person.

I am very saddened to hear this. What a gentle and encouraging teacher he was. I took a workshop with Woody and Mary Flowers, oh, back in the mid 00s, and it was a treat. When I ran into him at an event years later he called me the Scrapper Blackwell Guy (I wish). This is a loss to the community, CB as well as Jazz.


Very sorry I never got the chance to meet him his book Six Black/Early Blues Guitarists was a big help to me as I was learning.


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