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--- Quote ---My problem isn't the inability to hear--at least not according to the audiologist I saw several years ago, but tinnitus
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I have hearing loss as well as tinnitus.  My audiologist was a bit taken aback when I told her the pitches - the C that's the highest note on a piano in both ears, and A below middle C in my left ear only, and said at least they were in harmony - I guess most people just say they have a noise.  So even with my mechanical ears, I still miss some pitches that are masked by my tinnitus.  It's not perfect, but it's a darned sight better than it was.

I tell all my doctors that there's nothing wrong with me that having my 25-year-old body back wouldn't fix, but somehow none of them think that's a viable solution.

Mobile digital audio has come a long way since the last iPod classic hit. I have one in good shape, would gladly carry it around with me. But it just doesn't sound half as good as my iPhone X. And bluetooth, which used to suck, frankly doesn't suck any more.

I conclude that the DAC hardware and/or software in the playback devices must have improved, as you would expect.


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