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When the Spirit Moves You The Boll WeavilEast Virginia/East Virginia BluesHesitation/Hesitating BluesHouse of the Rising SunJack of Diamonds/Drunken HiccupsJohn HardyJohn HenryPoor Boy, Long Ways From HomeRailroad BillSaturday Blues/Lucy Mae BluesShanty Blues/Bootlegger's Blues/Payday/Rabbit on a LogStackerlee/Stack O'Lee/StagoleeThe TitanicYou Don't Know My Mind
2019 DecCatfish BluesNovGoin' Down SlowOctTruckin' My Blues AwaySepMama Don't AllowAugBusy and You Can't Come In/Keep A-Knockin'JulyPony BluesJuneSomeday Baby/Worried Life BluesMay(In the Evening) When the Sun Goes DownAprBig Road BluesMarKansas City BluesFebSweet Black AngelJanCow Cow Blues
2018 DecHey Lordy Mama / Meet Me in the BottomNovOne Dime BluesOctMama Don't Tear My ClothesSepT'aint Nobody's Business if I DoAugThe DozensJul44 BluesJunNo More Cane on the BrazosMayAlabama BoundAprHow Long - How Long BluesMarWalking BluesFebLouise Louise BluesJanMilk Cow Blues
2017 DecSpoonfulNovTake Me Back (Babe)/Beggin' BackOctShake 'Em On DownSepTraveling ManAugMotherless ChildrenJulSkin Game BluesJunBaby Please Don't GoMayShake That ThingAprCareless LoveMarFrankie and JohnnyFebCC Rider/See See Rider/Easy RiderJanPrison Bound Blues
2016 DecStack O' LeeNovTrouble In MindOctYou Got To MoveSepCorinne, CorinnaAugDupree BluesJulTippin' Out/Ha-Ha BluesJun Salty DogMayGallows PoleAprBuck DanceMarSloppy Drunk BluesFebGround Hog BluesJan Red River Blues
2015 18-DecSitting On Top Of The World4-DecWhen The Saints20-NovLooking for the Bully of the Town6-NovMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It/You Can't Get In23-OctCome Back Baby9-OctCrow Jane25-SepBottle It Up/Step It Up And Go11-SepMean Ol' Frisco, its antecedents and descendants28-AugNobody Knows You14-AugRoll And Tumble31-JulDiamond Joe17-JulThe Venerable Pallet3-JulIn The Jailhouse Now19-JunRed Cross Store5-JunI Got Mine - Frank Stokes22-MayPal of Mine - Blind Willie McTell8-MayThe Greyhound Bus Station

All are tagged SOTM, I check regularly.

[edit, later: having said, and after thinking about it, I clicked all your links to check that they all had the 'SOTM' tag. There were six that weren't tagged :o  So I tagged them. Good work there Chris. There are now 49 songs in both your list and the tag list]

It would be great if the tag list came up sorted chronologically like your list. It could be done but would require changing the title of the first post in each topic to a sortable standard and stick to it going forward. For example February next year could be "SOTM 2019-02 [song title]"

In any case, I stickied this topic.

Thanks! And I'll keep this list up to date as folks add new ones.

Prof Scratchy:
Great idea! This will save me doing it twice again next time! Actually I did find Chris?s complete list after I?d done the duplicate post! Doh!

Re. the list, kudos for the use of the table BBCs (bulletin board codes) to get that nice clean table format. They can be hard to get your head around unless you've spent years routinely typing (what looks like) gobbledygook as a programmer.


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