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Suzy T:
Cool idea!

I like this idea. I really like stuff like this. Like the what is this musician doing thread. It's really great when there is a bunch of members participating and interacting. I would be on board for being a part of this.

uncle bud:
I quite like the tune of the week at the banjo hangout so count me as another yes vote. There are some differences, in that I guess old time has more traditional tunes, so more opportunity to post multiple examples. But there are lots of other aspects to cover.

Prof Scratchy:
Great idea.

Well alreet then...  sounds like we collectively think it's a good idea... splendid!

Is once a week too often? This should be fun - not a source of stress! Maybe every other week? I have no opinion either way, but I'd rather see folks energized by this rather than stressed. Maybe we could have one of the mods post the schedule as one of the widgets on the forum or portal so that it's kind of exposed....

I'll be happy to draft a schedule if we get a list of volunteers..  maybe it's best to pm me and then I can put something together and post a schedule. I'm also happy to be on the bleeding edge of that and take the first installment.

My gut feeling is that we need about 7-10 volunteers to get started. Once we get rolling, new participants could always volunteer and we could slot them in.  At some point, I guess we might have a scheduled time without a volunteer...  we can cross that bridge when we come to it, but I'd rather not see one or two people becoming the regular source(s) for the installments...

I just love seeing an idea come together!


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