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Thanks O'Muck, it's been fun, and as Rivers says, the juke has depth!

... And feeling!  ;D

Yep. Nothing else even comes close :)

Juke-o-potamus. Faved and fanned. Oh wait, we're not on Huffington Post.  :)

Old Man Ned:
Would also like to give my thanks and appreciation to guys who put the Juke together.  And thanks to the Juke for introducing me to the Harlem Hamfats!


--- Quote from: Rivers on September 22, 2013, 05:38:32 PM ---Re juke obsolescence, nah.

Then I spent the afternoon trying to get my National to sound like Robert Petway's. Cheryl's out of town, obviously!  :D

--- End quote ---

Not hard -- you've just to crush your resonator around the sides so it's caved in a bit. Then belt hell out of the guitar to compensate for the munted cone. (And my regards to Cheryl, too.)

Al Y


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