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I know this isn't as obscure as a lot of the lyrics that go up here, but I've had trouble finding these for some reason.  Maybe I should just break down and get the Mance CD that has it, but does anybody have the lyrics to Rocks and Gravel (besides the Dylan version--that's all that shows up on my searches)?  I've got the guitar part worked out from Steve James' version.  I know I should get the original, but right now it's a great song, and I need it in my repertoire!


Hi Jeff,

Here you go:

Rocks and Gravel? Mance Lipscomb
Standard E

V1   Rocks and Gravel makes a solid road (x2)
   Takes a do-right woman   to satisfy my soul

V2   Well, I'm goin' out west just ta see my pony run
   Goin out west to see my pony run
   If I win any money I'm gon' send my good girl some

V3   Here's a dollar mama, made it in the rain (x2)
   It's a hard ol' dollar made it just the same

V4   That's your tone daddy, every time you come (x2)
   I ain't got no money but I'll soon have some

V5   Man in the army, wants a furlough home (x2)
   About face rookie, you ain't been here long

V6   Man in the army eatin' out of trough (x2)
   Just waitin' for Uncle Sam to try and pay him off

V7   Got a girl in the country, she won't come to town (x2)
   Got one in Louisiana and she's water bound

V8   I can't see how can you, treat your daddy mean (x2)
   When you lay all night in your daddy's arms and dream

Thanks, Slack! 


Hi JohnD and Cotton,
I think the line in that last verse is, "When you lay all night in your daddy's arms and dream".  I feel like we figured this out once before.  I remember being excited about getting the line, "About face, rookie".  I had never understood that line despite listening to the song for 35 plus years.
All best,

Hi John, yes, we did do this before -- and I obviously did not update my file!  --- which I am doing forthwith -- and will also correct the above psoted lyrics.  Thanks for the correction (again).

Funny how the ear can play tricks (or is it the mind?) on you --- you can hear it plain as day, once you know the words! ;)



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