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Hi JohnD,
I think this could be good from an educational viewpoint, but also just because it is fun to think about such things.  I'm willing to get the ball rolling.  I'm going to choose arbitrarily not to double up on any artist, though I could probably come up with about ten tunes by Lemon I would put in this category.  I'm going to dash them off without thinking about it too much.
1. Cairo Blues-Henry Spaulding
2. Green River Blues-Charley Patton
3. Right Of Way Blues-Blind Lemon Jefferson
4. Motherless Chile Blues-Elvie Thomas
5. Sloppy Drunk Again-Walter Davis w/Joe Williams and Henry Townsend
6. Cottonfields, pt. 2- Garfield Akers
7. Jailhouse Blues-Robert Wilkins
8. Maggie Campbell Blues-Tommy Johnson
9. Woman, Woman-Ishmon Bracey
10. My Black Mama-Son House
These seem like pretty good records to me.
All best,

OK Guys and Gals, I need your in help building a list of 'The Essential', 'The Classic', 'The Greatest Hits of Country Blues'.? I will then put this list of tunes in their own category on Weenie Juke and play a couple of hour slots each week of "The Greatest" in Country Blues according to the collective wisdom of the Weenie forum.? So think of a list of Country Blues that you would first want a beginning Country Blues afficiando to hear.? The essential songs to know if one was to say they are familiar with the genre, that they know Country Blues.? :D

Johnm has got the ball rolling above (thanks John!)


OK, here are a few off the top - without thinking about it too much:

Police Dog Blues - Blind Blake
One Dime Blues - BLJ
Devil Got My Woman - Skip James
Frankie and Albert? - MJH
Statesboro Blues - BW McTell
Mississippi Blues - Willie Brown
Down the Dirt Road Blues - Charlie Patton
Dark was the night... BWJ
Chauffer Blues - Memphis Minnie

(Good precident, if you do a list, make all the artists different :) )


Seems like you'd *have* to hear more than one song from the following:

Blind Lemon Jefferson
Charlie Patton
Blind Blake
Rev. Gary Davis
Mississippi John Hurt

It'd be easy to pick a dozen tunes from each of them that could be considered 'essential'.  With that in mind:

Crow Jane - Carl Martin
South Carolina Rag - Willie Walker
Bamalong Blues - Andrew & Jim Baxter
Stop and Listen - Mississippi Sheiks
Good Gal - Josh White
Little Girl in Rome - Otto Virgial
Hambone - Ed Bell
Sweet to Mama - Frank Stokes & Dane Sane
Poor Boy Long Ways From Home - Gus Cannon
Poor Boy Blues - Ramblin' Thomas
Two Time Blues - Arthur Pettis

I notice that there's no piano stuff in my list... pity...


--- Quote ---Seems like you'd *have* to hear more than one song from the following:
 notice that there's no piano stuff in my list... pity...
--- End quote ---

Frankie, you are not limitied to one contribution. ;)


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