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Bald Melon Jefferson:
And you need these CDs!
I'm working my way through Post-War disk 2 for the first time as I type.
I ain't heard none of this before...and it's good stuff! First couple of Disk 1 tracks make  me wanna take-up the piano. Better not. If I start accumulating pianos the way I have guitars I'm gonna need a bigger closet.
Next up on the ol' I-Pod; the 2 pre-war disks.......

 Thanks Slack!

i got my new shirt in the mail yesterday! this is a site i visit almost daily, & a few dollars i feel is more than worth it. best online music site/forum i've ever come across.

I too heartily recommend these CD:s!  :)

I have one question though, about the post-war CD:s; would it by any chance be possible to list the song titles as well? The tiny librarian in me wants to know. :P

If not, the CD:s are still great!



Good point Pan - I'll see what I can do. ;)

Thanks for the heads up Pan (sometimes I get in a hurry :) ) Song titles are now installed.

And thank you all for the plugging weeniecampbell and the support. Pan is right, the post war CD's are very good - Jimmy Nelson's singing on "Baby Chile" is almost worth the price of the set alone!



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