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Stringing things out again Richard?

Parlor Picker:
I'm working myself up to committing to next year's gathering. I missed all my friends this year and think I really need to make an effort. I can again take endless pictures of geezers young and old playing guitars.

Be delighted to see you there PP, but do careful working yourself up at your age...

Now I have just checked with the Webbington ( Tel 01934 750100 ) and they have actually got it right this year and are holding 10 rooms for me, I realise it's bit early and Father Christmas has yet to deliver that new guitar, but if you want book in so you can show us that new guitar, then go for it.


Hi, re Weissenborns I have and Anderwood(It's fine for what I paid), comes with 13-56 strings and they say don't go higher than Open G or D.


Parlor Picker:
Will be booking soon! That fine chap, Mr Shipman of the New Forest Collective has bought my Weissenborn copy. On the strength of the sale I bought a new wide-angle lens, so I can get all the dancing girls in my photos of the next Euroweenie event (you did book them, didn't you Richard??).


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