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Welcome to Weenie Campbell Dan!

--- Quote --- To me, it sounds like Crying Sam Collins is singing "I got ways like the Devil, I'm creepin' on all fours."
--- End quote ---

Oooh, I like that!   ;D


uncle bud:
Hi Dan. Welcome aboard!

I read online that Crying Sam Collins recorded about 80 songs. However, there are only about 23 songs of his that are available on cd. Does anyone know what the story is?

According to G&D and the fact my counting went slightly amiss at the end, he did no more than 50 sides.

And, of those he recorded more sides as Big Boy Woods than Sam Collins also just to confuse he also recorded as Jelly Roll Hunter and Jim Foster  ::)

Is the CD any good?

ps BigRoadBlues ... no comment!

The Crying Sam Collins cd on Document Records is pretty good. His real strength is pure slide guitar blues, as well as his haunting, hi-pitched voice. His covers of more traditional, folk music-ish pieces aren't as impressive as his straight-ahead blues: "Devil in the Lion's Den," "Jailhouse Blues," "Loving Lady Blues," "My Road is Rough and Rocky (How Long, How Long?)," "Slow Mama Slow," and "Signifying Blues." And of course, "Lonesome Road Blues" is gorgeous.


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