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Hi Tonybluesboy,
That's a good catch on "Signifyin' Blues". I have made the change, thanks!
All best,

Blues Vintage:

--- Quote from: Johnm on September 17, 2021, 04:15:49 PM ---Hi Harry,
I'm pretty sure you're right about "territor'" in the first line of the third verse, though I'm just hearing, "the territor"", with no "and" preceding it. I think you're also right about "pressed" rather than "brushed" in the first line of verse four. In the final verse I'm now hearing:
   The day you left me, GOIN' ON THOSE BLINDS
   I write you a letter, COME SNEAKING BACK
All best,

--- End quote ---

"come sneaking back" is correct for sure. That first line, second part, really difficult to hear what Collins is singing.


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