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Repairing a lifting bridge

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Hi all,

Just wondering whether I could consider doing this repair to my Tonk American myself. After I first got it in 2012 I took it in to a luthier's shop in Austin for a neck reset and various smaller fixes and improvements. It's all still fine except for the bridge, which has lifted off the top along its back edge.

Luthiers are scarcer than hen's teeth out here in the country and I don't know any. Plus I've gotten pretty comfortable fixing things myself whenever possible. Interested to hear your comments and experiences with this type of repair.

Hi Rivers: I've never done it, but I'm comfortable enough working with wood that I'd probably do it myself if there was no one I trusted in the area. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube and Stew-Mac has the clamps and other tools for the job. Surface prep and using the right glue are important in any glue up, but I'm sure that's covered as well. And I'd stay away from quick fixes since if the glue joint is failing, you want to start over from square zero.

You can do it.   ...and I agree 100% with Stuart on surface prep, youtube is a good resource for the how to's.  It could be the start of a new career.

Thanks guys. Yes, I'm planning to do it right if I do do it. I'd take the bridge off, prep everything and reglue it. And yes, I figured I'd need those purpose built clamps.

Hi Rivers: Keep us posted on how things go.


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