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--- Quote from: waxwing on February 24, 2021, 09:59:00 PM ---Shubb does make a flat fretboard capo as well, sold for "Classical" and it has plenty of length for an old Stella. Even a twelve string, I can attest. I have a Shubb for every guitar so that I can keep them preset for performance. The tension adjustment, needed as you move up the neck, comes easily to hand.


--- End quote ---

Thanks just ordered the classical - arrived already on Friday 2/26 and seems to work great...

I already had a Shubb and now bought the classical for my PMiCo Stelloid guitar, however it is the new model with the roller cam, and it does not really like the thick V neck. It always clamps more than I would like, because I don t have the adjustment room to loosen it. The old model had more room for fat necks, so that s something to keep in mind,


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